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Fluffy Adorable cats | Buy cats or kittens in IL

Fluffy Adorable Cats

Fluffy and Adorable Kittens for Sale, Raised with Love!


Nationwide Delivery!

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Meet our Kittens!

Welcome to the kitten family! View our kittens, you will fall in love!

Buy british cat in Chicago, IL

Welcome to the Kitten Family!

Selling the cutest and healthiest Fluffy and Adorable kittens!

We are working with European breeders, with years of experience breeding many different breeds of kittens specializing in British Shorthair and Maine Coon kittens. Our kittens are happy and healthy, of the highest quality character, temperament, and personality. Each and every kitten comes with pedigree, microchip, vet passport and vaccination. Our breeders raise all our kittens in love, so they come happy, healthy, very social and litter trained, from birth to your forever family - and beyond!

Our Clients Say

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐a month ago

Thank you both for Billy! Aka Simba which is what we decided to name him! Everything went very smooth, any questions I had were answered right away, as well as photos/videos whenever I asked for them over the long month and a half of waiting!! A lot of family/friendds made me question the process but I promise it’s 100% trustworthy. Thank you guys again ❤️

Danielle Comb

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