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1. How can I reserve a kitten? When you have chosen a kitten, we send you a contract to sign. After that, you make a deposit of $400 (Venmo Zelle Cashapp).

2. When do I pay the full amount? You pay the full amount only when you receive a kitten which we deliver to the door of your home (Venmo Zelle cash)


3. Are you a breeder? Our company is an intermediary between the best nurseries in Europe, Canada and the buyer.


4. What vaccinations do kittens have? All kittens are vaccinated (FIV, FeLV, FeCoV) rabies, dewormed


5. Does the kitten have a pedigree and in what system are they registered? All kittens have a pedigree (WCF TICA CFA ICU).


6. What filler do you recommend? We recommend pinewood or paper pallets.


7. What food do you recommend? We give each buyer recommendations on the nutrition of your kitten, since breeders use different foods. Royal Canin Orijen Acana Hills (for kittens)

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