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Green Eyed Cat

Our Kittens!

We offer many different breeds of fluffy and adorable kittens, please view our listings below!


Affectionate, easygoing, sensible, friendly. Once known as the British Blue and exclusively bred for blue-gray coloring, the British Shorthair cat now comes in a multitude of colors, but it retains its typical rounded profile and it's delightful – yet somewhat reserved – personality. British Shorthair Cat Breed (


Sweet, easygoing, gentle, relaxed. While some kitties dislike being held, the Ragdoll cat seems to live for cuddles. And while many cats are content to keep themselves entertained, Ragdolls actively seek the company of their favorite humans, following family members from one room to the next. Ragdoll Breed (


Gregarious, kind, intelligent, family-oriented. Bold features, a thick, luxurious coat, and an incredibly friendly personality set the Maine Coon cat apart from the rest. When you meet a Maine Coon cat, you'll understand why they are nicknamed the gentle giants of the cat world! Maine Coon Cat Breed (


Energetic, curious, affectionate, intelligent. The Bengal cat originated as a cross between the Asian leopard cat and a domesticated cat. Playful and active, Bengal cats are excellent pets. These incredible felines enjoy affection and develop close bonds with their family members. Bengall Breed (


Energetic, friendly, playful, affectionate. Formally known as the Siberian Forest Cat, the Siberian is a medium-sized semi-long-haired breed with a stunning triple coat and a charming personality. Intelligent and playful, the Siberian cat loves to give and receive affection. Siberian Cat Breed (

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