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British Shorthair Kittens Cats - Amazing Near Me USA Nationwide!

british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me nationwide usa european breeders

  • It is believed that the famous Cheshire Cat, the hero of the work of the English writer Lewis Carroll, was a British shorthair. In the first edition of this work, illustrated by John Tenniel, this character has clear signs of a member of this breed.

  • Initially, the standard only recognized smooth-haired pets. But later, experts allowed long-haired ones as well. These animals were separated into a separate breed.

  • It is known that in the international standard, "British shorthair" is defined as "cobby". This concept refers not only to the physique of the animal, describing it as stocky, sturdy. This word is also used to describe individuals whose character is distinguished by perseverance.

  • British Shorthairs are among those pets that were created by nature itself.

  • All kittens are born with blue eyes. This color of the iris persists in British Shorthairs until the age of 1-1.5 months. In an adult, the color changes to a constant one. The eyes may remain blue, yellow, or green. Different eye colors are also acceptable.

  • These cats' eyes can be watery, so they need special care. Their British Shorthair is wiped as needed with special lotions or eye drops.

  • As English experts say, the whole breed of smooth-haired "British" is in their heads. This means that the shape of their head is special – the cheeks are very well developed, the forehead is round, and the ears are flat.

British Cat Breed Description The British Shorthair is a medium-sized cat. Its body looks stocky and squat. The thorax is wide. The limbs are relatively short. The head has a rounded shape, the muzzle is slightly flattened. A distinctive feature of the British Shorthair breed is a plump-looking muzzle, as well as the presence of folds on the belly and short neck. In addition, the hallmark of purebred short-haired "British" is their coat - their guard hair is the same length as the undercoat, so the coat looks thick and "plush". Sexual dimorphism in British Shorthairs is well developed: females look smaller than males. Head It looks massive. The muzzle is rounded. The cheeks of an adult British Shorthair are well developed. The frontal part looks convex. The crown is flat. The bridge of the nose looks short and straight. The chin is large, strong, and straight. The jaws are wide. Eyes Large and round. Well open. Their range is wide. The eye color of the British Shorthair is allowed: blue, green, yellow. Heterochromia is not considered a defect. Cats with yellow eyes are the most common. Neck It is a short length in this short-haired breed. There are folds on it. Ears They are of medium size in adult British Shorthairs. They are wide at the base. Their shape is triangular. The tips are rounded. Placed far apart. Tail The British Shorthair has a medium-length tail. It is thickened at the base and noticeably narrows towards the end. Its tip is rounded.

british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me nationwide usa european breeders

Wool Short, dense, thick, voluminous. The guard hair is the same length as the undercoat. It feels dense and slightly stiff to the touch. A coat that is too soft for British Shorthairs is considered a vice. Shedding is moderate. Color There are a huge number of color variations of such cats. Specialists number about thirty. Here are some of the colors that are allowed by the standard for British Shorthairs:

  • Cream;

  • Black;

  • Blue;

  • Lilac;

  • Chocolate;

  • Red;

  • White;

  • Smoky;

  • Gold, etc.

The color includes two components. This is both the color of the guard hair and the color of the undercoat. British Shorthair cats can be either plain or patterned. Patterned colors include the following: tortoiseshell, brindle, marbled, spotted, etc. A mixed type of color is also allowed, which combines several permissible colors at once. Forelimbs and hind limbs The limbs of adult British Shorthairs look sturdy and strong. When viewed from the front and back, they look straight. The paws have a rounded shape. History of the British Shorthair Felinologists cannot come to a consensus and decide what the origin of the British Shorthair breed is. However, most researchers are still sure that they arrived in the British Isles with the ancient Romans. It is known from history that the relatives of the short-haired "British" are Persian cats. It was from them that they got a slightly flattened muzzle. Over time, the coat of the ancestors of the British Shorthair became thicker and denser, adjusting to the rainy weather of Foggy Albion. In addition, they were able to become excellent rat-catchers, which was very attractive to English peasants. These pets began to be bred to secure their supplies. It wasn't until the 19th century that British Shorthairs were noticed and interest in them began to grow. It was during this period that such a cat first took part in the London Dog Show, after which the breed became extremely popular among English aristocrats. The first such event was held in 1871, thanks to the efforts of Harrison Weir. That's when the 14-year-old shorthaired "British" cat became the winner. The exhibition was held at the Crystal Palace, built in London's Hyde Park. After that, such exhibitions were held here regularly until 1936, when the palace was destroyed by fire. In the 20th century, active breeding work began. On the one hand, the British specialists planned to get an unusual texture of hair from the pets, on the other hand, a wide variety of colors. Character was also important: the pet should be non-aggressive and calm. To achieve this, short-haired "British" were crossed with:

  • Burmanese,

  • Russian blues,

  • Persian cats.

As a result, a sufficient number of long-haired pets were obtained, which later formed a separate breed. The modern standard for the British Shorthair was approved in 1950. Personality of the British Shorthair These short-haired cats behave like true English aristocrats. A distinctive feature of their character is independence. They are arrogant and imposing. Their manners are sophisticated, they are quite independent and aloof, so they do not require constant attention from the owner. The British Shorthair may well just bask on the sidelines while its owner is busy with his own business. Such a pet cannot be called annoying. The main features of the character of shorthaired "British" include:

  • Poise;

  • A calm attitude towards loneliness;

  • Ability to get along in the same house with other pets.

British Shorthairs are not the kind of cats that are always ready to rub against their owner's legs in the hope that they will be picked up and squeezed. Animals are very tactful, they approach a person only when they want to. Their character is independent. That is why British Shorthairs can be owned by those who are not at home during the day. Despite the fact that such a cat is quite attached to the owner, it takes his absence calmly. And it won't be "dirty" out of boredom. The British Shorthair will find a quiet occupation and will quietly wait for the return of the owner. The character of an adult cat is calm. It can be said that it is somewhat phlegmatic. That is why it is suitable for owners with a similar type of temperament. British Shorthairs will be able to get along with children provided that they are treated with respect. It should be explained to the child that the cat should not be beaten, pulled by the tail, paws, whiskers, etc. A stranger, a new guest at home, will be wary of a short-haired British. He is able to get along with other animals, especially if he grew up with them. With an adult British Shorthair, you will also be able to make friends with other cats, as well as dogs. Conditions and care With the arrival of a pet in the house, the nature of its owner's life changes somewhat. A small kitten needs special care, it is important to devote enough time to it. In the first days after moving to a new place of residence, it is important to take care of:

  • Its security;

  • High-quality feed;

  • Tray;

  • Pet house;

  • Own utensils for food and water;

  • Toys.

It is extremely important for any cats, including British Shorthairs, to carry out the following hygiene procedures:

  • Bathing 1-2 times a year;

  • Brushing the coat 1-2 times a week;

  • Nail trimming 1 time a month;

  • Weekly cleaning of the ears and eyes.

If there are other pets in the house during the first days of the baby's stay in a new home, it is better to protect them from communication with each other. Acquaintance should be gradual. It is important that they get used to the smell of each other. For example, you can use a method such as exchanging toys. Cat litter boxes can be open and closed. For a small baby British Shorthair, the first option is more suitable. It is not so frightening for the kitten, it will be easier to get used to it. The closed version is recommended for adult pets whose age has already reached six months or more. They appeal to cats who prefer privacy. It is also very important to choose the right size for the tray. Too small will restrict the animal's movements, and a large one will cause distrust. The choice of filler is also extremely important. There are several types of them: woody, mineral, clumping, silica gel. It is better to ask the breeder what type of litter he used and, if possible, choose the same one. The familiar texture and smell will help your baby adapt more quickly to a new place. British Shorthairs are suitable for both a city apartment and a country house.

british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me nationwide usa european breeders

Pros and Cons This English smooth-haired cat breed, like any other, has its own characteristics. The undeniable advantages of the British Shorthair include:

  • Unobtrusiveness;

  • Tolerating the absence of hosts;

  • Cleanliness;

  • Absence of aggressive behavior;

  • Long lifespan.

If we talk about the disadvantages of British Shorthairs, then it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Independence and willfulness;

  • Susceptibility to cold-related diseases;

  • Intolerance of children's pranks;

  • High price tag for kittens.

"British" can be started by people who leave home for the whole day. Pets, although strongly attached to the owner, will survive his long absence quite easily. They will always be able to find something to do. Most often, it's just resting on a couch or sleeping. British Shorthairs are very clean animals. They are constantly licking their thick fur. After eating, the mustache must be "washed". Aggression is not typical for these cats. English smooth-haired "aristocrats" do not like to bite and scratch. Even if a child offends an adult cat, it will most likely just turn around and walk away. But he will not enter into a conflict. Since these smooth-haired pets are prone to catching colds, it's important to make sure they're not exposed to draughts. After bathing, the animal's fur should be wiped very carefully and make sure that the pet that has not yet completely dried out does not freeze. If the animal does get sick, it is important not to delay and start treatment immediately. The best thing to do is to contact your veterinarian. Otherwise, the disease can become chronic. The British Shorthair cannot be called intrusive. Such cats come and lie down on the owner's lap only when they want to, and not when they are called. This English "aristocrat" is full of dignity and pride. That is his character. Purebred British Shorthair kittens will not be cheap, as this breed is very popular all over the world today. It will not be difficult to find a kennel, because there are many of them. However, it is worth choosing carefully, checking the reputation and experience of the breeder. Interesting facts about the British Shorthair

  • At the moment, this short-haired English cat breed is considered one of the most popular in the world. In addition, it is one of the most ancient. It is believed that its history began about 2000 years ago.

  • British Shorthairs are called "businessmen's favorites". After all, such animals feel great when they are alone at home all day. Their character is self-reliant and independent. Despite this, they love their owners very much and become attached to them.

  • The appearance of this English smooth-haired cat resembles a teddy bear. This is all due to the special texture of the coat - voluminous and dense. There is an opinion that the ideal for the British Shorthair is such a coat and undercoat that do not even allow you to see the skin of the animal when they are pulled apart.

  • The most popular color of shorthaired "British" is considered to be blue. The original name of the breed was the British Blue Cat. Moreover, the skin of such a pet is the same color as the fur. Today, the standard allows a wide variety of colors in these animals.

  • The weight of the British Shorthair can reach 12 kg, but this does not prevent it from being active and mobile. These cats are very playful.

  • These short-haired pets are able to purr louder than others. A pet named Smokey became known for having the power of his voice equal to 92 dB. He is considered a world record holder.

  • The most famous smooth-haired "British" in our country is the Chest. It even has its own website. It weighs 11.5 kg, and is considered the heaviest representative of its breed in Russia. It is known that bowls designed for dogs are bought for him, since feline bowls are not suitable for his wide muzzle.

  • Due to the excellent genetic base that the animals inherited from their ancestors, their immunity is quite good. The only disadvantage of these short-haired cats is the possibility of cold-related diseases.

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