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Siberian Kittens Cats! - Near Me Nationwide USA!

siberian kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery cat breeders

One of the oldest breeds is the Siberian cat. Animals have a rich history of origin. Future owners should know the description, characteristics and standard of appearance, take into account the characteristics of character, upbringing, care and feeding. And also the owner needs to take care of his health and be aware of possible diseases. According to veterinarian M. Zhukova, Siberian cats are among the TOP-5 hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Origin: Where Did "Siberian" Come From? For the first time the Siberian cat was mentioned in the documents of the XVI century and it was called the Bukhara cat at that time. In the late Middle Ages, both nomadic tribes and settled khan settlements lived in the vastness of Siberia. People actively developed lands with severe cold and traded with merchants from Asia. There is a theory that along with the goods, beautiful long-haired cats were also brought to the territory of Siberia, which actively exterminated rodents.

The formation of the breed was influenced by Trans-Ural wild cats, which were distinguished by a great hunting instinct. The animals were accustomed to low temperatures, snow and cold due to their thick coat and undercoat. Gaining popularity and spreading beyond the borders of Russia, the Siberian cat already took part in exhibitions in England in the XVIII century. The generally recognized standard was developed much later by O. Mironova in the 80s of the last century, breeding animals similar to the current ones with different shades of wool - gray, brown, black, as well as a mixture of colors. The World Organization of Felinologists recognized cats in 1992, and after approval, in 1994 the breeding of these animals began. After 6 years, the breed was recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association.

siberian kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery cat breeders

Description and characteristics A close relative of the Siberian cat wears a shorter, but no less warm coat.The Siberian cat breed is a large, long-haired individual with a long, thick coat and a powerful physique. The weight is 4-9 kg, there can be cats up to 10-12 kg. Maturity occurs about 3-5 years. Height at the withers ranges from 30 to 40 cm. Body size in length from the tip of the nose to the end point of the tail is about 1 m. With proper care, they live 17-20 years. There is also the Siberian Shorthaired Cat, which belongs to the long-haired group. The difference of such an individual is a shortened coat, the absence of a pronounced collar.

Breed Standard: Colors, Sizes and Other Parameters Siberian kittens must meet the basic characteristics. Even small ones look like an adult animal - they have a stocky body, a wide muzzle, thick legs. Color differences in the eyes of babies are observed, but the full shade of the iris is established by 3-4 months. A deviation from the standard description is considered to be the characteristics of brachycephalic breeds or an elongated, narrow muzzle, an elegant body, small stature, lack of an undercoat, a "downy" coat, too large or small ears with abundant hair, almond-shaped eyes.

Varieties of wool shades The breed has a wide range of colors, the color of the fur of animals.The colors of Siberian cats can be monochromatic - gray, black, red, there is smoky, and a mixture of shades is also characteristic - black and white with an admixture of brownish. There is a tricolor in a combination of black with a shade of gray and reddish. A complete absence of white is allowed. The Siberian cat is characterized by pronounced black stripes and spots. In kittens, before the first molt, there is a predominance of gray shades.

siberian kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery cat breeders

Health The Siberian cat does not have a genetic predisposition to diseases and does not get sick with proper care. However, by old age, problems with the joints, heart and blood vessels may appear. Despite the fact that animals can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees, it is not recommended to leave the pet in the cold so as not to provoke frostbite. Due to the thick long hair, Siberians are prone to overheating, so in the hot season, veterinarians recommend keeping your pet in a cool place and buying him a cooling mat. Like other breeds, Siberian seals should be regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

Maintenance & Care Regular and frequent brushing guarantees a neat appearance of the pet.The Siberian Blue, gray, black and other shades requires regular grooming. Veterinarians advise brushing the pet once every 2 days, and daily during the shedding period or after a walk. A small speck tangled in the wool is enough to form a mat that needs to be trimmed. You need to bathe the cat in case of contamination. It is not necessary to trim the nails. This disrupts the proper cushioning of the paw, as well as deprives it of grip, which provokes unfortunate falls and injuries. To take care of your nails, it is advisable to purchase a scratching post. For ear cleaning, special hygienic products are suitable - "Petkar", "Otifri", "Beafar", "Bars", "Lori". To avoid tartar and inflammation of the gums, veterinarians recommend brushing your teeth with special brushes and products - "Veda Dentavedin", "Sentry Dental", "Nutri-Vet", "Api-San Toothy". Eye care includes rubbing decoctions of calendula, chamomile, sage from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. The owner should keep the litter box and the pet's bed clean.

Character and upbringing The Siberian cat is beautiful, non-aggressive, friendly, and easy to contact. They are kind and the best pets for families with children. Despite the fact that it has a forest and wild appearance, large size, the animals are playful, love to frolic without causing trouble. However, you can't expect much affection from the "Siberian". It is not advisable to have rodents and birds in the house at the same time, since hunting habits are manifested. Such cats are well trained, they can be taught various tricks if you notice the special inclinations of the pet. They do not tolerate physical punishment, shouting and aggression. Betrayal is hard for them.

siberian kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery cat breeders

What is the right way to feed? The Siberian cat has a large height and weight, so the diet should contain raw meat, fresh or stewed vegetables, liver and fish (no more than 1 p. per week), rice, hard-boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese. Veterinarians recommend premium, super-premium or holistic industrial food such as Trainer, Farmina, and Akana. For kittens – a special milk formula.

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