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The nature of ragdolls, ragdoll kittens for sale near me IL, MA, NY, FL more

ragdoll kittens for sale near me IL, MA, NY, FL

The nature of ragdolls, ragdoll kittens for sale near me IL, MA, NY, FL more

The Ragdoll is an incredibly calm and friendly cat. She may seem lazy and phlegmatic, but this is not so, rather the state of her soul can be characterized by the word "peace". Ragdoll feels especially comfortable when the owner is nearby. He is the center of the universe for the cat. Ragdolls follow their "master" literally on their heels, for which they earned the nickname "dog cat", "cat-puppy", "cat-dog". These cats treat all family members with love, love to "talk" with them, caressing them with their meek deep look. Their voice matches the character - quiet, gentle, like a whisper.

Ragdolls are playful, but not excessively. They are very peaceful, they cannot be angered even by annoying children who treat them like toys, dragging them everywhere with them. Cats in such cases simply relax as much as possible, taking any poses, depending on the imagination of the playful baby. Sometimes it really does not cause them any discomfort, but sometimes they just show patience, despite the fact that such games can be dangerous for them.

Ragdolls avoid conflicts, so if they feel that a quarrel is brewing in the house, they hide, waiting for the storm to subside.

They are very friendly to other animals in the house, even birds and fish do not awaken their predatory instincts.

Ragdolls are very vulnerable creatures with a subtle mental organization. They should not be yelled at, because they will take it very personally and may become depressed, lose their appetite. These cats do not tolerate loneliness at all and are very homesick for their owners, whose long absence can even lead to the death of the animal. But they will go on a trip with their owner with pleasure: they endure a change in the conditions of existence quite calmly, if only the owner was nearby.

Puberty in ragdolls occurs by 3-4 years. But they do not show their instincts violently - they will not disturb the owners with heart-rending screams and the desire to jump out the door.

Ragdolls in love are true gentlemen, they will never offend their object of passion and are ready to wait for the cat's location as much as they like, patiently caring for it and gently persuading. Many of them are real monogamous. Courtship cats accept favorably, although they are demanding and may be capricious when choosing a partner. They will be more lenient if the acquaintance takes place on the territory of the "gentleman".



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