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Maine coon kittens near me nationwide usa - discover your furry friend today!

Maine: a breed that cannot leave you indifferent

These cats don't Not only do they possess a truly large size, but also a beautiful coat and a very noble character. The cat got such an unusual name from the Maine raccoon - this is a literal translation Breed. , like their wildlife counterparts, like to stand on their hind legs and stare into the distance. Well, you can learn about other features of this cat in our article.

History of the Maine

Cats first appeared in the U.S. state of Maine, but there is no exact indication of when they were first spotted by humans. Mention of this breed dates back to 1861, where representatives of Maine took part in the exhibition and were very popular at that time. Over time, their popularity was supplanted by Persian cats, but by the 1970s, their popularity had returned to them.

A possible ancestor of the Maine is the lynx, but there are assumptions that the kittens appeared from a cross between the Turkish Angora and the American Shorthair. The fact remains that cats are hardy and Very strong – you can see it in their appearance and behavior.

General description of the breed

  • The body length of the Maine reaches an average of 1 meter, but there are also longer;

  • The body is large, the average weight is from 7 to 9 kg, but there are cats up to 10 kg.

  • They live an average of 13 to 16 years with proper care;

  • have a gorgeous mustache 14 to 16 cm long;

  • The oval eyes are widely spaced, the color depends on the color of the coat and can be green, red or golden;

  • The paws are large and wide. There is wool between the pads;

  • The tail is long and fluffy, reaching up to the shoulder blades;

  • Colors can be striped and plain - there are different variations. Chocolate, lilac, brindle, marble, tortoiseshell, smoky and others. Single spots on solid color are undesirable;

  • The coat is soft, very thick and of uneven length in different parts of the body. There is a kind of collar on the neck, and the underside of the coat is shorter and thicker.

Maine Cat Personality

No matter how "heavy" And these cats did not seem severe, their disposition is very docile and playful - they will never let out their claws unnecessarily. They are happy to make contact with people and love it when they Pampered. Kittens, as a rule, immediately begin to show their character traits - they can be freedom-loving, or they can be very attached to one owner. They'll learn your habits and adapt to them.

Watching these cats play is fun. Maine cats are very nimble and active, curious and observant, as well as clean. Their favorite place will be cabinets and shelves higher to keep an eye on everything that is happening "on their territory". In order for the cat to feel full, you can install high and sturdy climbing pads with built-in scratching posts and others Entertainment.

You don't have to worry about the cat waking you up in the middle of the night. Maine have a very quiet, thin voice that will never disturb you. Rather, these cats will purr or at all silent. You can also teach them different commands, as well as walk them on a leash and play ball. Literally every Maine has a good memory.

By the way, Maine are very fond of hunting, so keeping hamsters or any other rodents in the house is not recommended. With dogs, it's easier – they respect them. If you have small children in your home, then The cat will be calm with them until the child begins to irritate them with constant physical torment - keep an eye on this. These cats can't stand being picked up and sit on their knees.

In the house, these cats clearly separate their belongings from those of others, so you will never see the animal trying to brush away a vase or figurine with its paw.

New family members or your guests will be shunned by these cats, but this will pass over time. The Maine gets used to a person especially quickly if he does not try to squeeze him and constantly pester him.

Walking & Exercise

This is a very important A moment in the development of Maine. Cats of this breed need to move a lot, so play, simulate hunting for your pet. Maine can walk in any weather, adequately perceiving leashes and collars. It's good to go for a walk a couple of times a week. At home, organize a spacious house with a staircase. And, of course, do not forget about the open windows in the apartment, because the overall A cat will not survive if it falls.

How to take care of it?

As these Representatives of the animal world have very long hair, it requires careful care. It will not tangle, but you need to brush the cat several times a week. Don't forget about tail!

Bathe the cat and trim its nails as needed. These procedures are easily tolerated by animals, but the problem of grinding down the claws will be solved by a scratching post.

In the spring, when molting begins, the animal will need to be combed 3-4 times a week.

Treat the inner surface of the ears – it should be pink. Wipe it with a dry, soft cloth and then sprinkle antiseptic on your ears.

Buy a very large tray (not closed) as a toilet. You can also buy a carrier, preferably for growth.

About Feeding Your Pet

Don't forget that Balanced feeding is the key to proper development and growth, as well as the absence of diseases.

If you are for natural food, then it can be cottage cheese, cream, natural yogurt without additives, eggs, seafood, boiled meat (veal, beef) and poultry (chicken, turkey), including chicken heads, gizzards, hearts, liver, as well as vegetables and cereals.

Do not chop the food finely so that the cat develops its jaw on its own.

It is forbidden to feed these animals raw fish, whole milk, sweets, potatoes, eggplants, tubular bones, pork, lamb, salty foods, fried and spicy foods.

Expect that an adult cat needs about 200 kilocalories per 1 kilogram of body weight per day. That's about 300 grams of food.

Special Food Choose only super-premium quality. Ask your veterinarian how often and how much your main fish needs to be fed Kunu, because overfeeding leads to obesity, digestive disorders and other problems.

By the way, Maine will never eat from someone else's bowl and will not beg, much less steal food from the table.

Maine Health

It's a healthy breed However, some feline diseases are also characteristic of these representatives. For example, hereditary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or spinal muscular atrophy, dysplasia Joints. Both diseases are rare, but they shorten the life of a cat. There are more common problems – fleas, lichen and even worms. Doctors also name problems of a cardiological nature, because The body is massive and there is a load on the heart. There are also owners with the problem of urolithiasis, especially in male Maine that have been neutered and fed poorly.

To prevent all these problems, visit your veterinarian regularly, vaccinate your cat, treat him for parasites and feed him properly.

Estrus and mating of animals

Puberty these Animals reach quite late, but they are ready for reproduction at 10-15 months. The first heat in cats appears at the age of 6-10 months. Heat in cats wakes up around the same time.

Mating is necessary to prevent problems with the cat's hormonal system, behavior and general condition.

If your categorical "No" for mating and you do not plan to breed representatives of this breed - sterilize the pet.

Maine Cat Pregnancy

It flows 65-68 days and pretty easy. But still keep your cat under constant veterinary supervision. Maine give birth to about 5-8 kittens, this is a multiple-fetal breed.

Little Maine should stay with their mother for up to 3 months so that she feeds them with breast milk and teaches them some rules of living in an apartment.

Male fathers are not isolated from the kittens because they take an active part in the upbringing of the kittens.

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