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Maine Coon Kittens Cats - Amazing Wonderful Nationwide USA!

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Maine (or Maine) are considered to be one of the largest cats in the entire world. The breed originated in the United States, the progenitor of the current representatives was a cat from Maine. The Maine is not to be confused with anyone: beautiful lynx ears, deep gaze and volume of the animal - all this makes it special.


The name of the cat breed came from the comparison of two words: "main" (Maine - state), "coon" (raccoon). In their homeland, the animals were often called Manx raccoons. The pet's unique coat matches the region in which they lived. The climate of the northern state was particularly severe. The main activity of the state at that time was considered to be farming, and in agriculture it was necessary to use strong cats to catch mice. Therefore, the role of hunters went to large pets - Maine, and not to other breeds of cats that touch the eyes. Maine belong to a long-haired breed of cat. Their body length often exceeds 100 cm, and the weight of the animal can be 4-8 kg for females and 8-12 kg for males. An important distinguishing feature of the animal is the lynx tassels on the tips of the ears and a long fluffy, sometimes striped, tail. This part of the body can reach all the way to the shoulder blades. Thanks to this appearance, the legend was born that Maine originated as a result of crossing a lynx with a cat (because of lynx ears), or after crossing a cat with a raccoon (because of a thick striped tail). But in fact, the history of the breed's origin is much simpler. Like the Siberian cat, this breed is considered aboriginal, and its external characteristics are the result of a long life in the northern region of Maine. In the middle of the 19th century, Maine began to play the role of hunters in the possessions of farmers. Today, these animals feel great as pets. They are happy to take a nap all day on a soft sofa, coming down from it in case of a short walk or another meal. Since a kitten of this breed costs decently, the Maine today is assigned the role of a spoiler of fate. It is rumored that Maine can weigh as much as 20 kg, but this information is not reliable. Such tales can only be born in those who see big cats in pictures. The majestic appearance of the breed, the large coat, the muscular body and its length can give the impression of a large mass. But even the largest male will not weigh more than 15 kg.

External Characteristics

The animal's head is completely proportional to its body. It has a square shape and a powerful chin. Cats' cheekbones are highlighted, and the forehead line is smooth. The mustache pads are very well developed. The ears are set high and are quite large. Cats' eyes are large and oval-shaped. Eye color: all shades of green and yellow. Maine have a fairly wide and muscular neck that clearly transitions into a rectangular body with muscles. The limbs of cats are strong and long, between the pads of the animal's large paws there are gaps in the hair. The cat's tail is large, long and covered with thick hair at the base. Cats of this breed always have a soft undercoat, which is covered with a tough coat of hair. The cat's fur, both on the back and on the sides of the body, has a special water-repellent effect. The longest hair of the animal is located in the neck (collar) and hind limbs (pants). The color of the Maine is different:

  • monochrome;

  • any color in combination with white;

  • tiger;

  • Color exceptions: beige, chocolate, color point.

Maine: Personality Traits

Maine are loved by many cat lovers not only because of their impressive size. These cats have a good temper and are great with all members of the family. They get along well with other pets in the house (even dogs). Maine can't be aggressive, but they keep an eye on strangers. For them, there are clear divisions into: friend and foe. The character of the American breed is friendly and calm. They like to sleep a lot in the house, but more in the fresh air, regardless of the weather. But despite this, as soon as the owner offers the cat a game, the pet responds with joy. Maine breeders often note the animal's high intelligence. Cats are well aware of the limits of what is allowed:

  • know where to go to the toilet and visit only the right place in the house or the street (if possible);

  • do not damage the furniture in the house when you need to sharpen your claws;

  • never steal food from the table;

  • They are not annoying, they do not shout if they want to eat or something else.

These disciplined pets have a great sense of their owner's mood. They are good at picking up on the intonations with which they are addressed. Most often, an adult cat is an imposing scumbag - a favorite of the whole family. Maine babies love to play pranks, frolic and get to know every corner of the house. You won't get bored with them. So it's very important that your kitten doesn't get to any medications or chemicals they can taste during their developmental period. These cats are not afraid of water at all. They will gladly dip their paw into a bathtub filled with liquid. And if the owner offers to swim, the Maine will not mind.

maine coon kittens for sale maine coon cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery

The Maine is a cute, curious animal that adores its family. At the same time, the cat does not require special attention. Maine don't like solitude. Therefore, when leaving the house, the owner should leave the cat more toys or even fill the basin with water and leave the bathroom open. Another feature of the breed is their ability to communicate with the help of sounds. And it's not just purring and meowing. Cats can make sounds similar to the chirping of a bird, give out a trill or a mouse squeak. Also, representatives of the Maine breed have developed body language. For example, during communication, a cat may hit its head on the floor. This is how he shows his playful attitude. Of course, no one can remain indifferent to such a smart pet. Maine take root well in any climatic conditions in any home. Such a cat will be able to live not only indoors, but also outdoors. It's in his genes. The pet tolerates even severe frosts, but it is important to understand that an inquisitive cat can get lost in the snow or get into other trouble on the street. Even in summer, such a pet should not be let out of sight, it can simply be stolen. In addition, it is not uncommon for cats to get hit by a car. It's something to think about.

Caring for a Maine

When a Maine kitten arrives in the house, you need to prepare a place for it and take care of the following:

  1. Buy a bed for the cat in advance. But it is worth considering that an adult cat will become quite long. In this case, a spacious 90/60 bed will suit him. Also, the owner can try to build a bed for the pet on his own, using polyester, cotton wool, foam rubber and fabric.

  2. It is better to buy a spacious tray for the Maine. But a litter box with high sides will not work for a kitten. And at the first stage, you can buy a small capacity.

  3. The choice of litter should be clarified with the seller of felines. The cat will only walk on the sand or pellets that he was accustomed to walk on with his mother.

  4. You should definitely buy a scratching post without delay. For representatives of this large breed, it is worth taking a high scratching post.

  5. Toys are chosen only that are safe for the cat: soft balls and mice, without additional details (buttons, feathers, beads, etc.). Otherwise, the cat may choke on a small detail.

  6. Maine buy roomy bowls made of glass, steel or ceramics. Such utensils are the safest for hygienic reasons.

Maine must breathe fresh air. Therefore, walk cats in the open area more often if you live in a cottage or in a country house with a fenced area. Or at least open a window for him, previously covered with a net. So the cat will be able to sit on the windowsill of the room or balcony and receive the necessary oxygen. Also, for the inhabitants of city apartments, you can buy special leash harnesses and find a safe area for walking the Maine. But it is important to remember that a visit to the street for this cat is possible only if it has been vaccinated in advance. Many breeders are concerned about the question of how to care for the luxurious coat of the Maine. But in fact, it is easier to care for it than for the coat of the same Persian. For Americans, 2-3 combs per week are enough. And during shedding, the procedure is done every day. Bathe pets with special shampoos for long-haired cats. Also, the coat of the Maine has a unique ability to self-clean. Therefore, water procedures can be arranged 4-5 times a year. Like many other cats, these specimens need care for their eyes, ears and teeth. Basically, all parts of the body are wiped with cotton swabs soaked in boiled water. Periodically, the Maine is examined by a veterinarian. You should ask him about important medications for your pet that should be in the first aid kit at home. In this way, you will be able to prevent and extinguish the disease at the root.

Maine Nutrition

Feeding cats can be industrial or natural. Pet food is selected only of high quality and depending on the weight characteristics of the animal. For Maine, you should give preference to premium food, which includes at least 50% meat. Ordinary food from the table cannot be attributed to natural food for an animal. The basis of the cat's diet should be meat (beef, chicken, rabbit). It is fed to cats every day. Before serving to your pet, the meat can be boiled or frozen for 5 days. This will be an excellent prevention against parasites. Be sure to feed the cat vegetables: carrots, beets, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini. Serve the pet greens: dill, parsley, lettuce. Before serving, vegetables can be boiled or fed raw, after chopping them. Bran can be added to the meat. Cats are given saltwater fish after freezing. This dish is served no more than 2 times a week. Chicken eggs are useful for Maine. Buckwheat or rice porridge is also prepared for the animal. Cats are served dairy products - cottage cheese, sour milk, sour cream (low-fat). It is customary to add vitamin complexes to the natural diet of the Maine. It is better to consult a veterinarian about which vitamins are best for a cat. Water is very important for representatives of this breed. Cats are given only clean water – filtered or boiled. At the same time, the bowl of water is changed twice a day.

maine coon kittens for sale maine coon cats for sale near me nationwide usa delivery

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