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Maine Coon Cats Kittens - Discover Amazing Wonderful Beautiful - Near Me - Nationwide USA

maine coon kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa breeders

Maine Cat. Breed Features

The Maine cat belongs to the breed of large domestic cats with a luxurious fur coat. Animals quickly find a common language with all members of the family, including the youngest. They have a predatory appearance but a peaceful nature. Maine are part of a group of companion pets, so they adore their owners.

One of the main features of Maine is protruding ears with tiny tassels at the ends and a fluffy tail, for which they received the name "raccoon cat".

Temperament and personality of the Maine breed

They are very friendly cats, and they find a common language even with dogs.

The Maine, in comparison with an ordinary cat, tolerates the leash and being in transportation more calmly, so you can even travel with them.

They get along well with all family members, but choose favorites. Usually, this is the one who feeds him and plays more often than others.

Maine are true feline polyglots. In addition to the standard purring and meowing, they are able to make other interesting sounds: squeaks, chirps, growls.

They show their feelings with gestures, they like to rub their heads, communicating their affection.

Maine thrive in any climate and are tolerant of heat. Although in the summer months, they prefer to rest during the day, showing the main activity in the morning and evening.

The character of Maine cats is suitable for a large family, they are not jealous of other pets, love to play with children and patiently endure persistent hugs. The most important thing is to show mutual respect to your pet, and he will return your love in triple size.


The Maine cat breed is quite young, bred about 150 years ago.

According to legend, Maine are descended from a cat and a raccoon, which is why they have such a luxurious striped tail. According to another legend, lynxes were among the ancestors of the cat, so now they have characteristic tassels on the tips of their ears.

But legends are legends, and in fact, the Maine breed was formed naturally. Harsh winters have affected the large size (the weight of the Maine cat depends on the breed: males weigh 5-8 kg, females - 3-5), thick coat and endurance.

Rules for caring for a Maine

Caring for a Maine is not difficult, but the main thing is to develop regularity, otherwise the pet will look neglected. The main care procedures are combing, bathing and grooming cats.

For a beauty ritual, you need to buy several combs:

  • with sparse teeth and teeth of different lengths;

  • with frequent long teeth and short teeth to remove dirt and loose hair;

  • a brush with natural bristles.

Combs should be made of metal so that the wool does not become electrified. Check the quality of the cloves – they should be rounded to gently massage the skin without scratching.

During shedding, add a brush to the arsenal of combs. The brush should be used especially carefully, slowly accustoming your pet. During shedding, brush your every day and make sure it doesn't eat loose hair.

Maine shed 1-2 times a year, only at this time you need to devote more time to care, in the rest of the months combing cats does not cause much trouble. And with the right procedure, you can turn the need to brush into an enjoyable tradition that both you and your furry pet will enjoy.

Cats of this breed do not really like bathing, but they are tolerant of water. You need to bathe your tailed pet once every 2-3 months, if the animal gets dirty, you need to bathe it immediately. And, of course, you can't do without bath procedures before the exhibition.

Education and training of Maine cats

Raccoon cats have an excellent memory, so they quickly memorize commands even as a kitten. They easily get used to the litter box, quickly understand that instead of sofa upholstery, you need to use a scratching post.

Wild genes sometimes make themselves felt and come out in the desire for active games - please your pet and be active with him. A Maine cat is very fond of toys - balls or toy mice, loves to chase a laser beam. Use your imagination and an evening of fun is guaranteed.

maine coon kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa breeders

What to feed cats of this breed

Raccoon cats are suitable for a diet of dry food and natural food. Dry food should be of the highest quality, containing vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the health of the tailed pet.

A natural menu should consist of 80% meat products and 20% vegetables. What do Maine cats eat from meat and vegetables:

  • cooked offal – chicken liver and hearts;

  • poultry, beef, lamb, rabbit, lean fish;

  • As for vegetables, they like to enjoy carrots, zucchini, beets, pumpkin pieces;

  • Include slices of hard cheese, porridge and bran, boiled eggs in the menu.

Do not add salt, sugar and spices to food. If you have chosen a natural menu, then regularly give your pet vitamins.

What is forbidden to feed a Maine cat: beef and chicken bones, fatty meat, spicy and smoked food, sweets, legumes and potatoes.

The diet can be combined, for example, dry food is the main food, and natural food as supplements.

For good digestion, cats need greens: wheat germ or oats. Pet stores sell special mixtures for germination, in no case give your pet outdoor grass.

For drinking, choose heavy, substantial bowls. Maine like to sprinkle water before drinking, which can cause light bowls to tip over.

How to choose a Maine kitten

To be sure that the kitten will be purebred and purebred, pay attention to the following points:

  • Ask the kennel for documents – pedigree, title certificate, veterinary passport. When selling a Maine kitten, you must be given several documents: a contract, a metric, which is exchanged for a pedigree and a veterinary passport with marked vaccinations for up to a year. It is advisable to buy a kitten that is more than 4 months old. Such babies have already been vaccinated and quarantined;

  • Consider your kitten's appearance and behaviour. Healthy kittens are playful and curious;

  • Find out the breeding value of the kitten. The Maine cat breed is divided into pet-class - sterile pets, delirium class - for breeding and show class, which participate in exhibitions.

  • The sex of the kitten affects the character. Male cats are more affectionate, cats are more active and independent.

We wish you to find a wonderful kitten that will become a family pet in the future and will show you what true cat devotion and love are.

maine coon kittens cats for sale near me nationwide usa breeders

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