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Maine Coon Cats Kittens - Discover Amazing Cute near me nationwide usa!

maine coon cats for sale maine coon kittens for sale near me usa delivery nationwide

The ancestors of modern Maine were wild cats living in one of the states of North America. The name of the breed Maine Coon came from the merger of two words: Maine, the name of the state that was the homeland of aboriginal cats, and Coon, a derivative of the English word racoon, meaning "raccoon". History Despite the origin of the breed's name, Maine are not related to raccoons. The breed was formed as a result of natural evolution. This name was given because of their physical resemblance to a raccoon, and that is why they are sometimes referred to as Manx raccoons or American raccoon cats. According to the official version, wild animals from the cat family living in the countries of northeastern America have evolved, adapting to difficult living conditions - cold and snowy winters and wet summer weather. An elongated muzzle, long lush hair, strong paws, and a powerful physique made it possible to survive in a difficult climate, get food by hunting rodents. Possessing a textured appearance and excellent "hunting" data, cats could not go unnoticed by people. They were taken on ships sailing to Europe and other countries of the world, where they then happily settled and gave offspring. American farmers were especially fond of Maine, who were attracted by the unusual appearance of the animals and their abilities. Large cats were excellent at catching rats, saving the farm from losses caused by hordes of rodents. Animals were willingly kept in the house and bred. The breed was first introduced at the New York and Boston Shows in 1861, making an indelible impression on the public. The second significant "release" occurred in 1895, but the breed was not registered until 1905. After 50 years, an official Maine club was created, and the breed standard was adopted in 1967. Maine became so popular among Americans that the following year the Association of Fanciers and Breeders of this breed was formed. After a while, it became famous in Europe, and 25 years later it received worldwide recognition. At the same time, Maine appeared in Russia. There are several alternative hypotheses for their origin, but they are not scientifically confirmed. Most often, these are stories passed down from generation to generation by people who, in one way or another, met or kept pets of this breed. According to one of the hypotheses, the locals owe the appearance of Maine to the Vikings. They had been there long before Christopher Columbus discovered America and brought in Norwegian forest cats. As a result of crossing with aboriginal cats, the distant ancestors of modern Maine appeared. If you look at the photos of Maine, this version seems plausible. According to another version, Maine are distant relatives of cats that sailed on the ships of merchants and travelers from Europe. The ship's cats, which played the role of rat-catchers on the ship, interbred with aboriginal animals that were found in the areas where the ships stopped. Their descendants later settled in America and became the ancestors of the modern cat family.

maine coon cats for sale maine coon kittens for sale near me usa delivery nationwide

Appearance and color Today, the Maine breed is one of the most popular in the world. The interest is aroused by the colorful appearance and impressive size of the Maine. These are real giants among cats: ● the weight of an adult neutered cat can reach 12 kg, a cat - 7.5 kg; ● the average weight of males is 7.5 kg, females – 4.5 kg; ● height at the withers (according to breed standards) – 25-41 cm; ● Body length (with tail) – 1.15 m. Massive physique, strong paws, wide chest, thick medium-length hair visually make them larger. Representatives of this breed have an elongated wedge-shaped muzzle with wide, slightly oblique eyes, a straight nose, long whiskers, high erect ears with characteristic "lynx" tassels at the ends. The color of the eyes is in harmony with the color of the coat, ranging from green to yellow. The elongated, muscular body is covered with hair, the thickness of which increases from the shoulders to the abdomen. On the back, the coat is coarser, and a soft undercoat grows on the belly and sides. The tail is half the length of the body and is covered with a coat with a thick undercoat that has water-repellent properties. Long "waterproof" hair served the animal to protect it from cold and precipitation. Initially, the color of the Maine's coat was black or red, but under the influence of various factors, new colors were formed. The classic shades are: ● agouti (different degrees of color intensity on each hair, the so-called camouflage color); ● Tabby (striped or brindle, marbled and spotted) in black or white. Point and purple coat colors are considered disqualifying traits. Character By nature, these cats are calm and friendly. Due to their large size, they reach physical maturity as a rule by the age of 2-3 years, so they remain active for a long time, inherent in adolescent cats. They love children, play willingly, and allow themselves to be petted. As adults, they prefer to lie down more than play, become attached to the owner, but are happy to communicate with all family members. At first, they keep a distance from strangers, but, not feeling intrusive attention, they make contact. Due to their calm nature, they can live in the same house with dogs.

maine coon cats for sale maine coon kittens for sale near me usa delivery nationwide

Distinguishing Features of a Cat To give the most complete description of Maine, it is worth noting several features that distinguish them from other pets: ● an elongated muzzle and a "heavy", menacing look; ● straight fit of the eyes, giving a certain resemblance to a human face; ● pronounced protruding mustache pads; ● Powerful muscular body; ● combination of coat shade with eye or iris color; ● Long and massive legs. As for behavior, owners, describing Maine, note the following features: ● independence, which is manifested in the fact that cats do not like to sit on their hands and knees; ● love for water procedures; ● excellent abilities in catching rodents; ● Unobtrusiveness in communication. What to feed Nutrition is just as important to your pet's health as hereditary factors. Maine cats, due to their unique physical characteristics, need a diet that will help the animal maintain its shape throughout its life. It is best to use ready-made diets, the composition of which is balanced taking into account the needs of adult animals. The diet should have a sufficient content of micronutrients to maintain strong bones and muscle mass, fatty acids and vitamins for the health and beauty of the skin and coat. As a permanent food for adult cats, PERFECT FIT™ Adult, with beef, or Hair & Skin for skin and coat health, with turkey, are excellent. These are balanced diets in terms of the content of nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, which will help your pet stay healthy and active. Maine drink a lot and need free access to water. Interestingly, they sometimes dip their paw in a bowl of water and then lick it. Sometimes you may notice strange movements: the pet "digs" water, as if removing debris from it.

Features of care According to one version, Maine cats get along well with small breed dogs, since they are not inferior to them in size and have similar habits. For example, unlike other domestic cats, they are more likely to sharpen their claws on horizontal surfaces rather than vertical ones. Knowing this feature, it is necessary to choose a suitable model of scratching post for the animal and teach how to use it. As a rule, there are no problems with washing, since representatives of the Maine breed are not afraid of water and love to bathe. To maintain the water-repellent properties of the coat, it is necessary to bathe the pet no more than once every 1-2 months, using only special shampoos. A luxurious coat requires more care, especially during periods of seasonal shedding. To prevent digestive problems during heavy shedding, the pet should be given a special paste that stimulates the excretion of ingested hair from the intestines. Also keep in mind that the tendency to form tangles can increase during puberty and hormonal changes in the body. Pets of this breed are strong and inquisitive, so living in a city apartment, they will not be able to pass by open windows. For the safety of the cat, the windows should be closed with reliable "anti-cats" that will be able to withstand the "attack" with sharp claws. Upbringing Maine cats are playful, love to hunt, like their wild ancestors, but in the absence of an opportunity to have an interesting time, they will look for entertainment on their own. These cats need moderate physical activity, active games are indicated for them. So we advise you to buy a special play complex for your pet, interactive toys and find time to take part in games. Possessing unique physical characteristics and an excellent memory, Maine are able to perform various commands, memorize gestures and intonations. Therefore, if you wish, you can train your pet.

Maine Personality and Breed Features Owners note: ● independence and unobtrusiveness of Maine; ● friendliness, including towards children; ● moderate playfulness; ● Quick-wittedness. The breed has physiological features: ● the need for a large space, which makes it more comfortable for kittens of this breed to live in a private house; ● abundant hair loss during shedding; ● Throwing food and litter out of the tray Representatives of this breed, due to their large size, can be genetically predisposed to heart and joint diseases, spinal muscular atrophy. However, with regular veterinary control and high-quality nutrition, health problems can be avoided.

maine coon cats for sale maine coon kittens for sale near me usa delivery nationwide

How to choose a Maine kitten: tips When choosing a pet, you need to pay attention to its appearance - complexion, cleanliness of the coat and skin. If the pet is too thin, the coat has an unkempt appearance, he may have health problems. Observe behavior: Activity, playfulness, and curiosity are signs of socialization and well-being. It is believed that cats are more careful and independent, while cats are playful and communicative. Check with the breeder what the Maine was fed after weaning. At first, it is better to use the same food. After adapting to the new home, the kitten can be transferred to a different diet. Also, check if you have been vaccinated and when you need to get a booster shot. What do you call a Maine? Breeders give Maine kittens sonorous, original names, but the owner has the right to come up with another one. Basic rules when choosing a name for a cat: ● it should be an easy-to-pronounce word of 2-3 syllables; ● The nickname should not be consonant with the names of family members. When deciding how to name a Maine, you can focus on the origin and give the pet an English-language name, such as Dart, Mason. Some owners, by analogy with the origin of the Maine cat breed, take the name of the American state as a name, for example, Dakota, Vegas. The features of the Maine breed require the owner to take a competent approach to keeping a pet. However, the effort will be adequately rewarded with communication with a majestic and friendly animal, which becomes a pleasant companion. Manx cats can surprise and delight, but they will never make you disappointed in choosing a breed.

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