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Devon Rex Breed Kittens For Sale near me nationwide delivery usa illinois, massachusetts, florida

History of the Devon Rex breed

Devon Rex

Devon Rex are the most common mutants, who owe their textured appearance to a bizarre game of genes. The first, resembling an alien cat, was caught in abandoned mines in the vicinity of Devon (England) back in the 60s of the last century.

Exterior of the Devon Rex

Devon Rex kitten

Either the notorious Martians, or the characters of English folklore - approximately such associations are caused by the appearance of these cats in people who first encountered the breed. The average Devon Rex with his huge eyes, "curled" mustache and ears-locators looks extremely shocking and could well claim a role in some blockbuster about an alien invasion. Of course, the Devonian "elves" are far from the infernal image of the Canadian Sphynxes, but this is the main feature of the breed for everyone who dreams of an elegant eared cat, but is not yet ready to settle a completely bald pet in their house.


According to the WCF standard, a true Devon Rex should have a small, wedge-shaped head, noticeably stretched in width. The muzzle of representatives of this cat family is short, with rounded cheeks and a massive chin. The stop is clearly expressed. In general, the contours of the skull of the Devonshire "aliens" are quite embossed, if not sharp.


The main identifying feature of the breed is huge, extremely deep-set ears with a wide base and a smoothed-rounded tip. The outer part of the cat's ear cloth is covered with short, thin hair. The presence of brushes and brushes in the auricles is not necessary, but it is quite acceptable.


Quite large, repeating the shape of the oval. They are placed obliquely, at a sufficient distance from each other, which gives the appearance of the Devon Rex a slight aura of mystery. The color of the iris should match the shade of the coat, so most cats have green, yellow or golden-green eyes.


Not very long, but extremely graceful.


Paradox: having an elegant, flexible body with thin bones, Devon Rex are real heavyweights capable of overcoming the bar of 4-4.5 kg.


Devon Rex paws

The legs of the Devonshire cats are slender and very long, and the legs are oval and miniature.


Thin, long, with a well-rounded tip. The hair on the tail is short, but not sparse.


Devon Rex has virtually no integumentary hair, making their coat seem particularly soft. In general, the "fur coats" of these eared fish have a very short "pile" with a light wave, which is especially clearly felt if you stroke the pet in the body area. On the abdomen, neck and chest of a cat, hair is sparser (not to be confused with possible baldness), but on the back, tail, sides and muzzle, the hair is noticeably thicker. Kittens have shorter hair than adults, and often do not form a characteristic curl.


For Devon Rex, all types of colors are acceptable, including acromelanic (thermodependent) options.

The character of the Devon Rex

Although Devon Rex depicts arrogant majors during photo shoots, they remain docile and sociable cats at heart. In their fantastic affection for humans, they resemble dogs. To follow the owner with his tail, to control his every step, reminding of his own presence with an insistent purr - all these are typical habits of the Devonians. Among other things, the eared "aliens" are very curious and will gladly try to stick their nose where they can and where they cannot. Cats are well helped in this matter by their anatomical "lotions". The fingers of the Devon Rex have amazing flexibility, comparable to the dexterity of human hands, so it is a matter of seconds to open the door of the kitchen cabinet or discard the lid of the box for the eared tracker.

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