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British Shorthair Cats Life! - british shorthair kittens near me Chicago, IL Newton, MA +

The nature of the British Shorthair cat

I love scratching!

The British cat is a rare example of complete correspondence of appearance and inner world. By nature, these plush bumps really resemble your favorite soft toys from your childhood. And the special "smiling" expression of the round face once made them the real prototype of the Cheshire Cat from the stories about the adventures of Alice. Good-natured and unpretentious companions fit perfectly into the life of almost any family, without requiring absolute attention to their person.

However, the latter does not mean that they are indifferent to the owners. On the contrary, representatives of the breed are very attached to "their" people and often move from room to room for the company with them, but they do it unobtrusively. Fluffy intellectuals love affection, however, they prefer to receive it on their own terms - they will gladly sit next to you on a soft sofa and will purr quite in response to stroking, but the idea of lying down on your knees or being in a gentle embrace will be treated without much enthusiasm. Personal space for the subjects of the British Queen is not an empty phrase!

The time that the household spends at work or school, the cat will spend not on organizing a pogrom in the home, but on a peaceful sleep or contemplation of the surroundings from a window with a wide window sill. If some trinkets dear to your heart suffer from his paws, this will happen completely by accident. The fact is that short-haired strongmen are not too graceful. Their cute clumsiness is also quite consistent with the image of a clubfoot bear.

Cat fight

Despite the fact that for a comfortable life, the British do not need to have a playmate, due to their easy and friendly nature, they easily let other pets into the circle of close communication: cats, dogs of different breeds and sizes, reptiles and (contrary to strong hunting instincts) rodents, birds. They get along well with children - provided that the kids are not zealous in the manifestation of tender feelings or treat them rudely.

In addition, the British will not cause misunderstandings with neighbors, even if the walls in the house are very thin. Of course, little kittens and teenagers love noisy games. But with the onset of maturity, they are restrained, sedate and silent in English.

However, British Shorthair cats from time to time can surprise their owners with unexpected bursts of activity, turning into carefree mischief-keepers at such moments, rushing around the house at great speed for a real ball or imaginary prey.

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