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British Shorthair Kittens! - Fluffy Adorable Cute Wonderful Near Me USA Nationwide

british shorthair kittens cats for sale near me british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me usa nationwide delivery

The British is one of the most ancient cat breeds of foggy Albion. At first, it was called British blue, due to the unusual shade of wool. There is also a legend that British cats are descended from the Cheshire cat History of the British Shorthair The British was bred back in the 19th century and immediately attracted the attention of breeders. Pedigree cats evolved so quickly that they could be seen everywhere: in homes, on farms, and on the streets. But the very appearance of British cats is associated with a historical event in the UK. At one time, the territory of the country was invaded by Roman conquerors. They brought the ancestors of cats to foggy Albion. Then the Roman gray cat was naturally crossed with local pets with strong musculature. It is believed that these were the progenitors of the current breed. In 1871, a cat show was held at London's Crystal Palace, where the British Shorthair became the most sought-after. At the same time, these pets became the most fashionable in the area. Every English family wanted to have such an animal in their home. But at the end of the 19th century, the demand for the breed decreased significantly. At the beginning of the 20th century, the selection of British women ceased to be engaged. So, in the early 50s, the breed was at the stage of extinction. New breeds of exotics were in fashion. At this time, one of the groups of breeders took on the task of saving the British Shorthair. But it was very difficult to breed them by crossing single-breed cats. There were very few pure Britons left at that time. So, scientists decided to develop the breed with the help of Persians and short-haired cats, similar to British women in appearance. As a result of this activity, slightly modified Britons began to appear, differing from the first standards. For a long time, the visual difference did not allow new features to be registered at the official level. But after a few years, the breeders, nevertheless, managed to achieve recognition and soon the development of the British moved to a new stage. Description The blue British breed was bred back in the 19th century, but during the breeding work, the color of the coat has changed significantly. Therefore, the first name of the animal is not relevant today. Now there are more than 100 colors and patterns of the coats of these pets. According to the standard, the following descriptions are typical for the British woman:

  1. Round head with straight and short nose, rounded cheeks.

  2. Wide auricles of small size.

  3. A sturdy, well-built body.

  4. Good musculature.

  5. The tail is medium-sized, the legs are small.

  6. The animal's coat is plush, there is an undercoat.

british shorthair kittens cats for sale near me british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me usa nationwide delivery

Color The animal's coat can be of a variety of shades:

  • White;

  • cream;

  • blue;

  • red;

  • lilac;

  • black;

  • chocolate.

There are British women with solid or mixed colors. There are also marbled representatives of the breed. White Britons have very beautiful sapphire-colored eyes. Also, the color of the eyes of pets can be of three types: copper, gold, yellow. By the way, among British specimens, you can often find a cat with eyes of two colors. British: interesting facts

  1. British cats are one of the oldest cats in England. It is also one of the largest breeds of foggy Albion.

  2. There are more than 100 variants of the color of the coat of these animals.

  3. This is a very independent cat that is not friendly to strangers and only allows itself to be petted by loved ones.

  4. British women are tolerant of children.

  5. With age, active kittens turn into passive cats.

  6. The British cat tolerates loneliness, so it is suitable for those who work a lot and are rarely at home.

  7. Pets are omnivores, but also tend to be overweight.

Character British cats are often characterized as calm, devoid of any impudence. They have a very independent character. At the same time, the cat will always be close to the owner, watching all the activities in the house. Everything new in the environment usually attracts the attention of a British woman. For example, if there is a new table in the house, she will walk around it, sniff it and "test its strength". The British cat is very selective. It can hardly be called affectionate and tender. You can always see from the expression on her face that a few strokes will be enough. This pet rarely comes into the arms of a person and will not sit there uninvited. The cat chooses whom it is ready to condescend to. Despite their pride and independence, British women love society. Other pets in the house are sure to make your cat happy. With age, the British woman becomes passive and likes to sleep a lot, but sometimes she shows flashes of frisky. During this time, the cat may run around the apartment and wait to catch up. Care Grooming Brits is simple, as their short coat is almost a hassle. To remove dead hair, it is enough to stroke the animal with a wet glove or comb the coat with a soft brush. Every week, the owner needs to inspect the pet's ears and clean them with cotton swabs soaked in hydrogen peroxide. It is also important to periodically wash the animal's eyes with plain water or tea. In case of frequent tearing, a decoction of chamomile is used to clean mucus. The British cat itself is very clean and its litter box needs to be kept clean. Otherwise, the cat will find another place to go to the toilet. It is not recommended to take the British woman outside often. A weekly walk will suffice. In this case, be sure to use a leash with harnesses.

british shorthair kittens cats for sale near me british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me usa nationwide delivery

British Shorthair Cat Nutrition The British are happy to eat industrial feed. Canned food and dry kibbles are perfectly accepted by cats. However, do not forget about natural food. Since the pet is prone to obesity, its menu should be balanced. An adult cat needs to be fed only 2 times a day, a kitten - 2 times more. From natural food, the animal should be fed:

  • raw chicken eggs;

  • cottage cheese and sour cream;

  • boiled chicken;

  • raw or cooked beef;

  • rice, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge;

  • vegetables (beets, zucchini, broccoli, etc.).

A British cat should receive no more than 70 kilocalories per 1 kg of body weight every day. Milk can be given to kittens up to 6 months of age, then it is rarely offered to the animal and in small doses. As the product can weaken. The cat's diet should include greens (parsley, dill, spinach). It can also be ordinary grass clippings from the yard. It contains many vitamins necessary for the animal's body. The British should not be allowed to finish food from the table, eat fried or smoked food. Do not give your pet floury and sweets. Diseases of the British Woman The British Shorthair is an ancient breed. There are no genetic diseases behind it, except that the pet's ancestors are used to living in a humid climate. Being in other climatic conditions, the British may be prone to colds and infectious diseases. In the second case, it is extremely important to give the pet the necessary vaccinations. Cats that are taken outside are characterized by infection with parasites: ticks, fleas. Do not allow your pet to interact with street representatives. This is fraught with the appearance of lichen, toxoplasmosis, eczema and other ailments. At least once a quarter, the cat is given medications that kill worms in the body.

british shorthair kittens cats for sale near me british shorthair kittens for sale british shorthair cats for sale near me usa nationwide delivery

The British Shorthair is a cat with an independent disposition. The animal is suitable for almost any family. The pet calmly endures loneliness. Therefore, it will patiently wait for owners who spend a long time outside the house. Over time, this beautiful and proud cat becomes passive. She is selective in relationships and does not allow herself to be petted by everyone. The British woman herself chooses for herself a loved one in the house, she will go to him in her arms. These pets love company and prefer to be the center of attention. But not to be active, but to observe. Brits are intelligent and quick-witted, which is why they are overly tolerant of children. But if they allow themselves too much, the cat may prefer not to be seen by them.

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