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Amazing Maine Coon Kittens near me nationwide usa delivery, healthy European Breeders!

Maine- SIZE: The height of an adult cat (at the withers) is 25-45 cm WEIGHT: Optimal weight - 3.0-5.0 kg (cat), 5.0-10.0 kg (cat) ORIGIN: North America

Temperament and character Maine cats () are mobile and active, they love to jump, run, perform various tricks. They have a strong and confident character, self-esteem. But with their formidable appearance, these cats are good-natured and affectionate, get along well with people and other pets. History Maine or Maine raccoon cats were bred in Maine, in North America. The development of the breed began more than 250 years ago. This breed is a natural American population, the development of which has left an imprint on the harsh climate of that region. The "raccoon cat" served as a rat-catcher on farms. Maine were also taken on ships to fight rodents. Habits and habits Due to their wild origin, Maine can choose the most unusual places to sleep, fall asleep in unusual poses. They also like to watch what is happening from the sidelines, being somewhere on a hill. Representatives of this breed are strong and agile, able to climb on any surfaces. Maine cats and cats are well-mannered and neat, quickly learn to go to the tray, sharpen their claws on a scratching post.

Living conditions Features of the content of Maine include the need to arrange a spacious and durable bed. Ordinary houses or beds are not suitable for such breeds - because of the large weight and large size. Cats of this breed are hardy and tolerate any, even the most severe living conditions. These huge cats need a lot of free space for games and active movement. How to feed a Maine kitten For the health and normal development, activity and energy of your pet, it is necessary to choose for him a diet as close as possible to that which wild cats eat in their natural environment. In the diet it is necessary to introduce poultry meat, rabbit, supplement them with veal and lamb, useful for kittens and adult cats. To provide your pet with a balanced diet, you can choose and buy dry food or canned food for Maine. Kittens of this breed under the age of 3 months are fed with cow's or goat's milk (if the babies have already been weaned from their mother). After reaching 3 months of age, complementary foods in the form of boiled meat, cereals, boiled vegetables, cottage cheese should be added to the diet of Maine kittens. When choosing what to feed a Maine kitten, you can give preference to ready-made food - these diets are designed specifically for pets and contain all the necessary useful components. Diet of adult Maine Adult Maine cats like raw meat, but it should be given either after scalding with boiling water or after a long freeze. Meat should make up 20-30% of the cat's diet, boiled lean meat of chicken and other poultry, rabbit, veal are suitable for this. It is also necessary to cook cereals and vegetables. If you do not know what to feed the Maine, choose ready-made food that is designed to meet all the needs of pets. Care Caring for a Maine kitten involves organizing the space. You need to buy them scratching posts, because these cats are very fond of sharpening their claws. Fluffy hair with an undercoat requires daily combing, because cats of this breed shed heavily. For any changes in the condition of the coat (loss of shine, severe loss, etc.), you should contact your veterinarian - this may be a signal of some kind of disease. Deworming Maine is carried out at least 1-2 times every six months.

Hygiene Caring for a Maine cat includes eye and ear cleaning procedures, bathing. The ears of cats of this breed are pubescent, so you need to use special oil or other means. Very often you can't bathe a cat, you need to perform this procedure as it gets dirty. If the cat does not grind its claws on a scratching post or asphalt when walking, you need to carefully trim them as they grow. Veterinary Cats of this breed rarely get sick. The main diseases are heart disease, spinal muscular atrophy (muscles weaken and the cat cannot jump), hallux valgus deformity of the paws. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the pet's eyes and ears, the condition of the coat and, if violations are detected, immediately contact a veterinarian. In the catalog of the online store "Zooset" you can inexpensively buy dry food for kittens of the Maine breed from the world's best brands of economy class, premium and super-premium class. We have delicious and healthy food from TM Royal Canin, Hill's, 1st Choice, Pronature, Farmina, Grandorf, Dr. Clauder's, Purina, GINA, Happy Cat, Mon Ami, Nasha Marka and others. What is the best dry food to feed a Maine? Ready-made rations with the taste of turkey, duck, chicken, rabbit. Maine also love seafood and fish, such food can be given to them 1-2 times a week. We also have a large selection of canned food for Maine kittens, pieces in gravy and pâtés for adult cats. You can order at competitive prices such wet food as Schesir, Hill's, Clan De File, Gourmet, GINA, Dr. Clauder's, Mi-Mi, Gimpet, Edel Cat, Puffins, Vaska, Nasha Marka, Mon Ami and others. The best food for Maine is canned food with the flavors of poultry, rabbit, lamb.

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